The Dusty Handclap Episode 21

I know the phrase “Dilla Changed my Life” is something that almost seems watered down and become somewhat of a fad, but it’s a phrase I am comfortable with saying.

My story is somewhat similar to all of the great stories heard from all of our heroes in hip-hop. Most of their first encounters of Jay Dee’s music was through the circulation of his Slum Village demo tape distributed around small circles primarily via Houseshoes & Q-Tip. For my generation hip-hop was already around, but when you consider the actual time of understanding hip-hop, I was first introduced through a small vinyl collection from a close friend in High School, which included “Slum Village – Fantastic Vol 2”.

Food for Thought: Sickamore (VP of A&R Epic Records) on Rap Radar

Sickamore is one of those folks in the game that i’ve been following and studying for awhile now.  Starting from hist start as a mixtape DJ to artist management to A&R and everything in between, Sickamore is a young cat who has made some power moves in his career and is highly respected by the heavy hitters in the music business.  His recent interview on Rap Radar went in depth on his experiences behind YG’s first and latest album, Travis $cott albums, career successes, fails, regrets etc.  It goes on for close to 2 hours, something you need time to digest but overall worth the listen.

Event: WIBA 3-on-3 USA Qualifier

LLEST & Undrgrnd Artillery W.I.B.A *USA Qualifier 3on3 B-Boy/B-Girl Battle ★Winners will receive round-trips to France & Battle in the WIBA International Finals October 1, 2016 3pm-8pm *Battles Start at 4pm ● Breaks Provided by: DJ FLOW (ILLEST/BAY AREA) & DJ MEGATONE (1212 Sessions) ● Hosted by: DONOVAN (ROCK FORCE CREW) ●Judges Reveal (Rock Force…